Red Power Ranger
Друг семьи, тыскыть, поснимал голубков :3

Пишет, какие они няшки.
I shot with Jessamine a couple of months ago for her agency in New York. We got along very well despite the fact that I drooled on her cheek a very very little bit while standing above her for a shot. She spoke highly of her boyfriend. I coincidentally met Paul backstage at the Opening Ceremony show this season for fashion week. He had a picture I took of Jessamine as the background of his phone. That was cool. We said “let’s hang soon.”

When I got to Paul and Jessamine’s apartment in the lower east side, Jessamine was sitting on the couch wearing the shirt they gave us at the Opening Ceremony show. She looked naturally beautiful. She is growing her bangs out..I think it looks cool and she doesn’t. Paul was at the store buying toilet paper. He came home about 5 minutes later and we sat around talking and drinking water. We are all we had that in common.

She calls him “Paulie.” They look at each other a lot. We played music from speakers placed by the foot of the bed. They were an organically compatible couple of people. In more than a few instances, I thought “Damn, I wish I had a girlfriend.”

You know? We finished by taking a couple of shots in the kitchen and there was a nice bouquet of almost-dead roses by the window. Paul and I thought it looked nice, but my roll of film had reached it’s last exposure. We said our good-byes, they went to have to lunch, and I went home. We all agreed to collaborate on a short film together soon.

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